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My hostfamily is a typical US-family.
They are really nice and have many hobbies and are very social. They are very into sports, they're goin almost to all of the High School events.

I have a dad (Gregg), a mom (Lori), a brother (Collin) and a sister (Molly).

Dad: His name is Gregg and he's self employed. He works for the Air Force and his job is waiting for a call and then he has to tell them, what they have to do. He planned thing for building airplanes and he is really into the Air Force. 
He's the houseman and has always stuff to do. He likes to do projects outsinde but actually he never finished.
He is an hobby farmer and he really likes his turkeys, chicken and cattle.

Mom: Her name is Lori. She's working at Bellbrook High School in the Athletic Office. She's friend with everybody and she is a lot of fun! Actually she's still a teenager! It's really fun to go shopping with her and to go to games with her.

Brother: His name is Collin and he is a landscaper. He's an entrepreneur and has a lot to do with his job! He started building his own place 30 minutes from here. His place is awesome and he plans to move out very soon. It is fun to hang around with him.

Sister: Her name is Molly, she's a sophomore in high school and sometimes she's really funny. Actually she's really like a little sister but it's fun to hang around with her. She has a cow and there she plans doing some events with it. I guess that'll be awesome.

The family lives on a farm (near Dayton, Ohio) with some turkeys and chickens (most of 'em got killed) and 2 cows and a goat. They have 2 dogs, Major and Daisy.
Those two dogs are so funny.

These are the hobbies of my family:

Basketball, Boating (with their own boat), Camping, Canoeing, Church Activities, Community Events, Cooking, Cycling, Eating out, Gardening, Hiking, Running, Skiing, Soccer, Volunteering, Waterskiing, Woodwork.. and so on.

Some family members are living in Orlando, Florida. And because of that we'll visit them during our christmas holidays. While we're there we'll live in a big summer residence.

What else do I have to tell you about 'em? I guess that's it.
I'm really happy that I'm living with them. They are so much fun and I learned so many things.



Hey, this is my blog and I will update it from time to time. Have fun w/ checkin it out!


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