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The last month

Hey guys (:

Today's the Friday, September 21 and it's 8p.m.

I think it's time to continue my monthly dairy about my High School year in the USA. My first month was really good, I think.

School havestarted on August 28th so I had ca. 2 weeks to feel comfortable with the language and with my hostfamily. My hostfamily is really nice. You can have a nice chat with them and they are really interested in the German culture.

The days before school started, we did a lot of things. Herre in town was the Lions Club Festival. My hostdad Gregg and other members of the Lions Club organized a lot of activities for the event. There were a lot of rides and other games. There were games, I've never seen before. For example, there were a table which turned around the whole time and on it there were Glaeser, Vasen and other Geschirr and you had to try to throw Dimes in it. It was really funny, because you won a lot of ugly things.

Also we were kanueing. That was a lot of fun. Molly and I were in one boot and Gregg and Lori in the other one. First, Molly and I had problems to paddel, but we were just 'nature talents' in it. Than we started to have a waterfight with Lori and Gregg. It was really funny and we're getting really wet.

Few days before school started, the Volleyball practice started. First there was a try out and than I made the team. It was really hard but it was it worth, because it makes fun to play with the girls, because they are really nice. The team is playing really good. I hadn't thought, that such young girls could play so good. We have practice every day so I knew how the school looks like and I had an easy time to feal comfortable with the hallways.

The Bellbrook High School is a very nice school but school in the USA is very different than school in Germany.

Well, I'll continue in a few days.

See you. Sinje

22.9.07 02:04

Hey guys!

I've a lot news bout my exchange year.

My new home will be in Spring Valley, Ohio. Yesterday I've called with my "Dad" and I think he's a great dad! He's a nice voice and it was funny to phone with him.

My mom's name is Lori and she's working at my new school in the athletic department.
My dad is self employed at the Air Force and at his freetime he's working on the farm.
My little sister, she's 15, is going to school and I hope we're going to the same school.
My big brother ;D is 20 and he's moving to his own place this summer.

I will live on a typical american farm. I think it will be funny. On the farm are some animals: Chickens, turkeys and cattles. Maybe I've to get up early in the morning and have to help on the farm. I don't know.

The family also have two dogs, Major which is a beagle and Daisy a basset hound. On the google website I've searched pictures from that dog breeds. And I think the dogs are very cute! <3

After calling, my dad sent me an e_mail and he's including a picture of the family. The family looks very nice and I'm looking forward to august!


Best regards, Sinje

18.5.07 23:26

Monthly Mailings

A few day ago I've get the first 6 Monthly Mailings from EF. There were a lot of information in it. A letter about the American way of life, confirmations about the trip and some other information.

But there weren't information about my host family, my flight and something like that. Damn. Maybe I get that information in the next mailing.

In june me and my parents will go to Berlin to participate on an information day. And maybe we request the visa on that weekand. 

I've only 4 month here in germany and there is so much to do.                     So I go now and read the documentation.



11.3.07 17:52

 I've got it!!


Hey guys.

My year abroad is the reason for this blog. I will write here something what will happened when I'm in the USA. I hope you will like it like I did

Last saturday: I get a letter from EF. My mother woked me up. She came in with the letter an I was really excited about it.
I opened the envelope and saw a red paper in it. Ouh yeah. In that moment I knew:
Yes! You've got it ^^
I was soooo happy...
Now I have so much to do. I've to make a lot of photos for the registration and so on. I need also photos for the 10 month in the USA. I must have photos to look on when I'm homesick.
There are only 6 month to pass and than I can catch a flight and than I'm in the USA!

I hope, my english isn't so bad as i think it is.
Thanks for reading.

20.2.07 20:47


Hey, this is my blog and I will update it from time to time. Have fun w/ checkin it out!


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