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Monthly Mailings

A few day ago I've get the first 6 Monthly Mailings from EF. There were a lot of information in it. A letter about the American way of life, confirmations about the trip and some other information.

But there weren't information about my host family, my flight and something like that. Damn. Maybe I get that information in the next mailing.

In june me and my parents will go to Berlin to participate on an information day. And maybe we request the visa on that weekand. 

I've only 4 month here in germany and there is so much to do.                     So I go now and read the documentation.



11.3.07 17:52

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anni <3 / Website (19.3.07 21:23)
hey sinje.
i'm so sad, that you go to america for a god damn year! its even so sad that we dont have that much contact to each other like a few month ago. i hope we see us that 4 weeks often, and i want to be invited to you goodbye party if you start one :P

kiss kiss, anni

anni <3 / Website (19.3.07 21:23)
not weeks, months. ^^

ywyoxvbuir / Website (2.10.07 04:32)
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! nnrsvhrgkiueh

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