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Hey guys!

I've a lot news bout my exchange year.

My new home will be in Spring Valley, Ohio. Yesterday I've called with my "Dad" and I think he's a great dad! He's a nice voice and it was funny to phone with him.

My mom's name is Lori and she's working at my new school in the athletic department.
My dad is self employed at the Air Force and at his freetime he's working on the farm.
My little sister, she's 15, is going to school and I hope we're going to the same school.
My big brother ;D is 20 and he's moving to his own place this summer.

I will live on a typical american farm. I think it will be funny. On the farm are some animals: Chickens, turkeys and cattles. Maybe I've to get up early in the morning and have to help on the farm. I don't know.

The family also have two dogs, Major which is a beagle and Daisy a basset hound. On the google website I've searched pictures from that dog breeds. And I think the dogs are very cute! <3

After calling, my dad sent me an e_mail and he's including a picture of the family. The family looks very nice and I'm looking forward to august!


Best regards, Sinje

18.5.07 23:26

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