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The last month

Hey guys (:

Today's the Friday, September 21 and it's 8p.m.

I think it's time to continue my monthly dairy about my High School year in the USA. My first month was really good, I think.

School havestarted on August 28th so I had ca. 2 weeks to feel comfortable with the language and with my hostfamily. My hostfamily is really nice. You can have a nice chat with them and they are really interested in the German culture.

The days before school started, we did a lot of things. Herre in town was the Lions Club Festival. My hostdad Gregg and other members of the Lions Club organized a lot of activities for the event. There were a lot of rides and other games. There were games, I've never seen before. For example, there were a table which turned around the whole time and on it there were Glaeser, Vasen and other Geschirr and you had to try to throw Dimes in it. It was really funny, because you won a lot of ugly things.

Also we were kanueing. That was a lot of fun. Molly and I were in one boot and Gregg and Lori in the other one. First, Molly and I had problems to paddel, but we were just 'nature talents' in it. Than we started to have a waterfight with Lori and Gregg. It was really funny and we're getting really wet.

Few days before school started, the Volleyball practice started. First there was a try out and than I made the team. It was really hard but it was it worth, because it makes fun to play with the girls, because they are really nice. The team is playing really good. I hadn't thought, that such young girls could play so good. We have practice every day so I knew how the school looks like and I had an easy time to feal comfortable with the hallways.

The Bellbrook High School is a very nice school but school in the USA is very different than school in Germany.

Well, I'll continue in a few days.

See you. Sinje

22.9.07 02:04

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